AloricaAlorica Case Study

Talkpush accelerates recruitment for Alorica

  • 3X
    Talent Pool Size
  • -35%
    Marketing Cost per Hire
  • -60%
    Time to Hire

With Talkpush, we make our applicant's lives easier, while our allowing our recruiters to spend more time with the best qualified candidates.

— Marvin E. Vinluan (Director Strategic Sourcing and Recruitment Marketing)

Who is Alorica and who are they looking to hire?

Alorica is a leading provider of Business Process Outsourcing solutions, spanning the entire customer lifecycle, providing customer management solutions for Fortune 1000 companies across the globe. Alorica employs over 95,000 staff worldwide, including over 30,000 in the Philippines. Alorica attracts talent who are dedicated to helping people and solving problems.

Challenge: Making life easier for candidates and recruiters

In high density agglomerations like Manila, thousands of candidates often commute for hours to come to an interview only to find out after a few minutes on site that they are unqualified for any position. To avoid this ordeal, as well as to expand the size of the talent pool, Alorica wanted to make it easier for all candidates to apply and pre-qualify for positions remotely.

Noticing that recruiters were spending most of their time in repetitive, manual tasks such as monitoring Facebook traffic, screening resume and scheduling interviews. Alorica saw their operation would have a hard time scaling up, whenever the hiring workload increases. To prepare for those increases, Alorica wanted to set up a more automated process and reduce the amount of time recruiters spend with unqualified talent.

Solution: Social media sourcing powered by Talkpush

Alorica now invites candidates to participate in a quick pre-qualification interview over Facebook Messenger, using Talkpush software to capture all the leads generated. Alorica thus increased the size of its talent pool, attracting thousands of passive job seekers who were previously constrained by time or distance.

Moving the traffic to Facebook Messenger while leveraging the Talkpush chatbot allowed Alorica to reduce telecom costs, increase contact rates and improve productivity of its sourcing team. A reduced sourcing team was able to engage with a talent pool 10x bigger than before.