Chatbots are people too



Stanley works around the clock to take over 80% of recruitment related inquiries.

Always On

Stanley automates the recruitment application process to ensure all candidates who are looking to sign up get processed right away.

Immediate Response

Stanley responds to candidates right when they message him, engaging them when they're most interested.


Unique Candidate Experience

Stanley provides candidates an application process which is interactive, instantaneous and sets your company apart from competition.

Familiar Interfaces

The new generations of talent were raised in the age of messaging. Facebook messenger is the interface they are most familiar with, helping you engage with them on familiar ground.

One to Many

Stanley is able to conduct multiple interviews at the same time, making your recruitment marketing efforts completely scalable, even with fixed resources.


Unbiased Selection

Stanley asks the important questions, captures the answers, and automatically creates a shortlist of candidates via knockout questions. Stanley has no personal preferences for any group of the population.

Built for Speed

Stanley captures the candidate information, and makes it available for review by your recruitment team in an interface built for speed. By spending only a minute or two per candidate, your recruitment team will be able to process hundreds of candidates effectively, and without leaving any candidates in the dark.

Reliable Data

Stanley doesn't make any typing or omission error. He asks every important question, and verifies all the data directly with the candidate.


Keep Candidates Informed

Stanley can tell the candidate as soon as the decision is made, and then instruct the candidates on the next steps immediately (e.g. "Congratulations, we love your profile, please confirm that you can come to our office tomorrow") Man Machine Cooperation


Stanley is great, but he's only robot! Where Stanley fails to understand your candidates, your recruiters will be able to take over seamlessly and continue to chat via Messenger through the Talkpush interface.

Seize the Moment

Great talents don't wait around. That's why you need Stanley on your team to establish a conversation with the candidate right when they visit your page, not 24 hours later.


Who is this 'Stanley' you speak of?

Stanley is a chatbot which handles the incoming messages on your Facebook Page and is able to serve as the first point of contact between candidates and your recruitment team.

Can Stanley educate candidates on the jobs we are offering?

In the basic form, yes, the bot provides detailed job descriptions to help candidates determine their career interest and redirects their job application to the right job openings.

Can Stanley collect candidate info for us and feed our ATS?

Yes. Stanley collects the candidates' profile information from Facebook (with the candidate's consent), followed by pointed questions which you decide. The collected data can be transferred to your existing databases or ATS automatically.

Can Stanley initiate the digital phone interview?

Yes, Stanley can initiate a phone interview as soon as the candidate is ready to be interviewed

Can the candidate schedule the digital interview at a different time if he or she is not available at the time?

Yes, Stanley can handle scheduling with natural language processing where candidates can type: (5pm Tomorrow) and he will be able to schedule the interview initiation when the time comes.

Can Stanley handle other incoming messages that are not related to job applications?

Yes, Stanley can handle incoming inquiries and you'll be able to view them inside Talkpush and respond to them individually.

Where is Stanley the chatbot hosted?

The Stanley chatbot application needs to be installed on your Facebook page. This can be done in a few clicks by non-technical staff.

Can I install Stanley on any Facebook page?

Stanley only works if your Facebook page's primary objective is recruitment. While Stanley can handle exceptions, by redirecting traffic to the right people or phone numbers, it will not engage in a discussion with your users on anything other than recruitment related matters.

How long does it take before Stanley can start working for us?

If you're satisfied with our standard workflow, we can activate it in a matter of hours.

Is it possible to customize Stanley so it sounds different from other bots? More energetic and fun for example.

Yes. Talkpush offers you a chance to change the personality of the bot and teaching it what to say during every stage of the conversation.

Where can I view the conversation between Stanley and my candidates?

You may view the full conversation history on Talkpush

Can I converse with my candidates in real time?

Yes. You can take over from Stanley anytime during the conversation creating a seamless transfer between bot and human.

Can we turn off Stanley at any time?

Yes. We're not sure why you'd want to turn this amazing recruitment assistant off but in the event that you do you can simply deactivate Stanley inside your Talkpush account and you'll have full control of your Facebook Page messaging again.

How much will the implementation cost us?

See our pricing page for more details and email us at to get a quotation.