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Volume hiring happens round the clock with Talkpush

Automate recruitment processes using our Autoflow technology, so they happen without human intervention.

Mass hiring made simple with Talkpush

Digitally enable your recruiters to “drag and drop” their way to automating hiring workflows that power efficiency throughout the full cycle recruitment process.

Help candidates find jobs faster

Need the right candidates to apply for the right jobs?
Our automation technology can help you set parameters using the candidate’s location, work experience, and other relevant keywords that effortlessly guide applicants to the most suitable positions.

Our 24/7 customizable recruitment chatbot will ease candidates along the application process, keeping them informed on their status, and answering FAQs in multiple languages.


Make manual resume screening a thing of the past. 
Pre-screen - Test English ability - Shortlist!

Validate job suitability at the very front of the funnel to minimize the volume of in-person/digital live interviewing. 
Pre-qualify candidates and create automated filters that ensure recruiters only spend time with the most qualified shortlisted candidates but still deliver a great experience to all. This way, you can efficiently manage 100x the application volume!

Take the grunt work off scheduling interviews

Send candidates a link to self-schedule according to available slots, and have their calendars instantly sync with all of their interviews.

This eliminates human error and facilitates notifications of cancellations, changes, and reminders of when the interview is coming up.

Data preparation and analytics

With mass hiring, it's hard to keep track of important numbers, as consolidating data from various sourcing channels can be time-consuming. Talkpush effortlessly integrates with multiple channels and centralizes your data, so your recruitment metrics and KPIs are just a click away.

Explore actionable insights on various types of recruitment data to help you make data-driven decisions.

Employers who put candidates first are powered by Talkpush

Seamless integration with your current technology tools

Achieve multiple hires in a matter of days!

What our customers think

“We needed to find a more efficient way to process candidates. With the help of Talkpush, we were able to use a QR code that made our signup process easier and convenient for both our recruiters and our applicants.”

Marvin Vinluan

Strategic Sourcing and Recruitment Marketing Director

“We wanted our applicants to engage and have ridiculously great conversations with our chatbot, TUVA (TaskUs VirtualAssistant), as if they were just speaking with a real human. For Us to achieve that, we needed TUVA to be fun and friendly.”

Kavita Handa

Recruitment Director of Southeast Asia, TaskUs

“Automating parts of our process and putting humans in control of that automation allows us to focus on what is actually important.”

David Castro

Talent Acquisition Manager for Central America, Walmart