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Meet Daphne

A uni student who is looking to gain some financial independence with a part-time job.

Right now, Daphne is looking for a seasonal gig, not a long-term career plan. She wants to finance the purchase of a new laptop over the summer without having to ask her parents for the money. Speed is of the essence. She’s open to any opportunities, as she doesn’t yet have much experience on her resume.

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I wish the cool employers would reach out to me on Instagram

Daphne isn’t a fan of job boards, where most conventional employers post their jobs, and where she just applies blindly to everything in the hope of getting a response. It would be so cool if some employers reached out on IG.

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Give Daphne more options
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Social Media Sourcing

Talkpush lets you capture leads directly from Facebook and Instagram so that you can engage with all incoming traffic in real-time, increasing your engagement scores and conversion rates drastically.

Targeted Campaigns

Run large targeted, personalized outreach campaigns with your talent pool database, targeting based on location and other criteria

Rich Media

Candidates can submit responses via voice, video, images and text to showcase their personality and strengths, right from the very beginning.

Sometimes talking to a bot is easier than talking to a human

Daphne can be shy, especially as she’s just entering the workforce. She’s not sure what questions are OK to ask, and ends up going through long application processes only to be offered positions that don’t fit her agenda and expectations.

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Make it easier for Daphne
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Answer Questions 24/7

The Talkpush chatbots use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to recognize and answer questions from candidates 24/7. Potential candidates can self-filter out of the process if it’s not a match.

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Bot Communications

While 99% of interactions on Talkpush are automated and handled by a bot, your team can jump in and “take over” from the bot to communicate to the candidates directly. They are also alerted when the bot doesn’t understand a question.

Omnichannel Messaging

Talkpush integrates with all the leading messaging apps like FB Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram and Instagram DMs. No need to download a new app or visit a website to complete an application.

Why is it taking weeks to hear back from employers?

Daphne is looking for something temporary and immediate. She can start work tomorrow. Employers that can get back to her faster and offer her the job first are winners in her book. With the world going so much faster these days, why can’t employers keep up?

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Make it faster for Daphne
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Automatic Shortlisting

Set up your criteria to automatically shortlist and reject candidates, and inform them immediately.


Shortlisted candidates are immediately sent a link to pick a time to schedule their final interview. No more waiting around for the next step, they know immediately when that is happening.

Assess Skills that Matter

Integrate with any assessment solution to automatically send shortlisted candidates links to complete assessments, check their scores in Talkpush, and move them to next steps based on their performance.

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