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Meet Joe

A delivery truck driver who’s thinking about his next career move

Joe prefers word of mouth over using marketplaces. He checks his email once every other day. He wants to drive his truck, provide for his two daughters, and watch some football to relax in the evening. The less he spends in front of a computer the better.

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I’d love to skip the HR stuff, and speak to the hiring manager

Joe has an excellent track record and knows he can do the job. Ideally, he’d like to explain to the hiring manager why he’s right for the job, and be given a quick yes or no response.

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Simplify the process for Joe
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Determine qualified candidates by collecting necessary documents and required criteria. Fast track them to the next stage.

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Send qualified candidates to the hiring manager based on availability, up-to-date documentation, skills, and location.

Rich Media

Candidates can submit responses via voice, video, images and text to showcase their personality and strengths, right from the very beginning.

Can I just WhatsApp you a picture?

Joe has his paperwork ready: his driver’s license of course, as well as his health records, reference letters and social security card. Having to upload it on a password-protected website can be a real drag, since he has to use his neighbor's computer. Oftentimes, he finds it easier to bring the actual photocopy to an office, but that generally takes a few days.

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Make it easier for Joe
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Omnichannel Messaging

Talkpush integrates with all the leading messaging apps. No need to download a new app or visit a website to complete an application.

Automated Document Collection

Candidates can send photos of their documents as JPGs or PDFs via their preferred messaging app.


Beyond document collection, Talkpush can recognize key fields in documents, so that everything is stored digitally and accurately, with zero manual data entry.

Message me if anything changes

If Joe gets the job, he’d love to to be kept informed of any change via messaging, either on WhatsApp or SMS. Don’t email him in case the schedule changes or there are any important announcements he needs to know. A phone call or a voicemail also works well for him.

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Help Joe get the info he needs
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Bot Communications

While 99% of interactions on Talkpush are automated and handled by a bot, your team can jump in and “take over” from the bot to communicate to the candidates directly.

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A Platform for Every Channel

Talkpush lets you communicate through SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger, email and even make phone calls, all from one place, so you can get a hold of people one way or another.

Automated Reminders

Set it up and forget about it. In Talkpush, you can send automatic reminders around your schedule, including to remind candidates of appointments or tasks they need to complete. 

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