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McDonald’s Reduces Response Time from 5 Days to 12 Hours

McDonald’s Leverages Automation for Social Media Sourcing

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Contact Center

How 24[7].ai increased hiring volumes by 350% in one year

How [24]7.AI Recruitment Went Fully Remote with the Help of Automation

Me-Ann Batallones
Recruitment Director

“When lockdown hit, we leveraged automation more than ever before. Using the conversational AI powered by Talkpush for pre-screening, shortlisting and automatically scheduling interviews allowed us to take on the increase in leads without sacrificing our candidate experience.”

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Recruiting on WhatsApp: How Teleperformance Doubled their Processing Power

How Teleperformance leveraged WhatsApp Automation During COVID19

Mariam Villalobos
Recruitment Supervisor

“For the last two months we have been able to cover both Costa Rica and Domincan Republic with the same number of recruiters, Talkpush analytics gives me enough visibility. So I can constantly make the process more efficient.”

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VXI: Hiring Candidates in Under 24 hours with a 70% Satisfaction Rate

Injecting Automation to the Recruitment Process and Promoting the Employer Brand

Mariel guzman
Talent Acquisition Manager

“Since Talkpush, there has been a big change. It really allows us to easily work on our candidates, a chunk of the manual process has been eliminated; even questions like ‘how many applications did we receive?’ We’re able to quickly look at the analytics and get an answer.”

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Connecting with Candidates Where they Are: IQor Designs an Omnichannel Experience

Strengthening the Recruitment Process with Talkpush’s Omnichannel Capabilities

Cynthia Maslian
Director of Talent Acquisition

“For us, Talkpush’s integration and omnichannel capabilities is a great asset. Being able to connect with our candidates is a great asset.”

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The Digital Candidate Experience: How Transcom Reduced Cost-per-Hire by 73%

Reimagine Online Applications and Candidate Experience with Talkpush

Jun Abo
VP of Talent Acquisition

“For me, it was critical to choose the right partner. Someone who’d be able to share our vision of the solution as a whole and that’s exactly what Talkpush has delivered”

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How Webhelp Recruiters Got 1 Hour Back for Every Processed Candidate

Webhelp Morocco partnered with Talkpush and WhatsApp to accelerate its hiring and deliver real-time feedback to applicants.

Alexandre Marsigny
Regional Director, Webhelp

"We used to spend an average of 1 hour per candidate to be able to reach them on the phone. Now candidates can record their answers, it takes 3 minutes per recruiter instead of 1 hour because you just have to listen to the prerecorded answers and move them to the next step."

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How iCollege Increased their Completion Rate by 26%

iCollege Provides a Unified Experience to all Future Students with Talkpush Automation

Lizel Booysen
Marketing and Sales Director

“The Talkpush Customer Success team has provided guidance every step of the way and we’re currently planning on integrating the platform with our ATS to make it more convenient for our team.”

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How Alorica Shortened their Hiring Cycle by 50%

Optimizing the Candidate Experience While Making Connections Easier for Recruiters

Marvin V.
Director, Sourcing and Recruitment Marketing

“When making the leap towards employing a conversational agent to interact with candidates, it was important to choose a vendor that would understand cultural behaviors towards chatbots.”

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From 100 to 20,000 Monthly Candidates

Delivering a more seamless candidate experience with the help of Talkpush

Chona Torre
Senior Vice President of Human Capital Group, McDonald’s Philippines.

“We are happy to partner with Talkpush to make applying for a job at McDonald’s more candidate-friendly and enjoyable.”

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How Social Media Became an Integral Part of PSG’s Recruitment Process

PSG increased their completed applications from 37% to 85% in six months.

Rey Gonzaga
Sr. Director Strategic Services

"We wanted to find a differentiator for us in terms of getting in touch with potential candidates and our sourcing efforts."

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Australia Open: How Adecco Filled Over 1,000 Positions in 4 Weeks

Adecco Aces Australian Open Hiring with Automation, by using Talkpush they were able to automate sourcing workflows

Susan Ooi
Client Solution Manager

"I think as a company we feel more confident now that we’re a bit more technologically advanced because of Talkpush. We can step up and look at other types of chatbot tech in other parts of our business . We’ve got that confidence now that we can look at that because we’ve had the Talkpush experience."

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With Automation, BAC Cut Hiring Costs 14X and Sped Up Screening Process 6X

Connecting with a Broader Talent Pool Regionally Using AI and Automation

Tania Vargas
Talent Manager

"We realized that we needed to create a better candidate experience and felt that one of the best metrics for us to focus on was the application processing time, and the time to respond to candidates, which needed to improve drastically."

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“Automating parts of our process and putting humans in control of that automation allows us to focus on what is actually important”

david walmart
David Castro

“Talkpush’s integration and omnichannel capabilities are amazing assets. Being able to connect with our candidates through different sources but on one platform has become essential to our operations”

cyn iqor
Cynthia Maslian

“For me, it was critical to choose the right partner. Someone who’d be able to share our vision of the solution as a whole and that’s exactly what Talkpush has delivered”

jun transcom
Jun Abo