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How 24[7].ai increased hiring volumes by 350% in one year

In response to the Coronavirus pandemic,[24] revamped its recruitment workflow using conversational AI and was able to screen +350% applicants

[24], a global digital customer experience leader with deep expertise in conversational AI, and global operations in Philippines, India, LATAM and the US, had to act fast when lockdown hit. A big component of their recruitment process used to depend on candidates going on-site. For their employees' and candidates' safety, [24] transformed their hiring strategy to make it 100% digital for their candidates.

By engaging with candidates on Facebook Messenger, 24[7].ai was able to process a lot more candidates — a whopping 250% increase year over year. Using the Conversational AI to pre-screen candidates 24/7, they were no longer limited by the size of their recruitment center operations and were able to handle much increased volumes, doubling their applications in just a few months.

The contact rate improved since they started using Talkpush directly to process applicants and guide them towards the live interviews.



increase engaging with candidates on Facebook Messenger


of candidates having a positive experience


less time for candidates to complete their application
Me-Ann Batallones
Recruitment Director

“When lockdown hit, we leveraged automation more than ever before. Using the conversational AI powered by Talkpush for pre-screening, shortlisting and automatically scheduling interviews allowed us to take on the increase in leads without sacrificing our candidate experience.”

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Maximizing Benefits

Harnessing the immediacy of social media, [24] was able to quickly pivot to a completely digital recruitment processing, centralizing all of their hiring operations with the Talkpush CRM. By integrating the chatbot to Facebook Messenger, they were able to offer their candidates a fully remote experience, and keep all of their information in one place.

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