Strengthening the recruitment process with Talkpush’s omnichannel capabilities

iQor Philippines, with a presence in more than 7 locations, is a managed services provider of customer engagement and technology-enabled BPO solutions.

With Talkpush, iQor no longer needs to rely on more manually generated reports to gather data. Talkpush comes with a fully fledged data and analytics dashboard, so iQor has full visibility of leads.

This allows their team to gain a better understanding of the effectiveness of each sourcing channel, thus making the cost per lead and per channel more transparent, specific, and reliable. This information has also helped them create site-specific campaigns, enhanced through lead ads and messenger ads.

Fully integrated with their Talkpush campaigns, the chatbot automates the pre screening process and the measuring of Candidate Net Promoter Score (NPS). This not only frees up the time of their talent acquisition teams, but also helps them gain a better understanding of what candidates expect out of the overall recruitment process and their onsite experience of their physical recruitment hubs.



Fully fledged data and analytics dashboard

Cost per lead

More transparent, specific, and reliable.

Frees up time

Of their talent acquisition teams
Cynthia Maslian
Director of Talent Acquisition

“For us, Talkpush integration and omnichannel capabilities is a great asset. Being able to connect with our candidates is a great asset.”

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“We can now capture all the leads that come our way, especially from our social media channels.”

Maximizing Benefits

iQor uses Talkpush analytics to get a clear picture of how all of their sourcing channels are performing, reducing their cost per lead by allocating budget to the ones that yield the best results. They also focused on creating a delightful experience, using the Talkpush bot to engage with candidates during every step of the process (wherever they wanted to continue the conversation.)