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How Teleperformance leveraged WhatsApp automation during COVID-19

Double the Candidates, Double the Speed

The Costa Rica office was able to deal with ramp-ups and even help other Latin American offices to process the higher volumes of candidates during the pandemic by leveraging Talkpush automation.

Teleperformance, a global BPO company, has been using Talkpush as their main system of candidate management since 2017. Back then, the TA team in Costa Rica was looking for ways to unify their process.They went from scraping candidate information off of multiple channels into Google Sheets, to a CRM that was able to organize and store data from all of their sourcing channels, as well as automate other manual tasks like pre-screening, thanks to a chatbot on their Facebook and Career Site.

The company was looking to create an omnichannel experience that would be pleasant for candidates, from wherever they first made contact, whether a job fair, social media, internal referral programs or job boards.



improvement on completion rate


of top-of-funnel tasks now works automated


more candidates in the same amount of time during CODIV-19
Mariam Villalobos
Recruitment Supervisor

"For the last two months we have been able to cover both Costa Rica and Dominican Republic with the same number of recruiters, Talkpush analytics gives me enough visibility. So I can constantly make the process more efficient."

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Maximizing Benefits

Relying on Talkpush analytics, Teleperformance was able to quickly spot gaps in their process, and customize their candidate journey to accommodate their remote hiring needs. Using Talkpush’s pre-screening capabilities, the Costa Rica office was able to offer support to other countries in LatAm, streamlining their hiring operations, and opening up hundreds of job opportunities during COVID-19.

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