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Hiring Candidates in Under 24 hours with a 70% Satisfaction Rate

BPO, VXI, eliminated over half of its manual processes with Talkpush automation and added a personal touch to improve employer branding.

Renowned BPO, VXI, focuses on providing contact center services for businesses around the world. With headquarters in Los Angeles and 7 locations in Manila, they needed a solution to fulfill their volume hiring needs, especially faster sourcing and more efficient processing.

They knew that in order to hire the most qualified candidates, faster, automation was key. So, they got to work with Talkpush and set up a custom bot to funnel their leads, as well as bucket the results of particular candidates.

This way, they were able to stop the process of tracking each job campaign manually using multiple Excels, which was making it impossible to get a wide view of performance.



Processed candidates per day


Increased hiring rates


Talkpush generated leads per month
Mariel Guzman
Talent Acquisition Manager

“Since Talkpush, there has been a big change. It really allows us to easily work on our candidates, a chunk of the manual process has been eliminated; even questions like ‘how many applications did we receive?’ We’re able to quickly look at the analytics and get an answer.”

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Maximizing Benefits

Using Talkpush’s drag and drop workflow builder, VXI was able to design the ideal process for their candidates. This way they shortened their hiring cycle to 24 hours, managing applications from all of their sourcing channels from the Talkpush CRM and automating basic pre-screening questions.

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