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How Webhelp Recruiters Got 1 Hour Back for Every Processed Candidate

Webhelp Morocco partnered with Talkpush to accelerate its hiring and deliver real-time feedback to applicants.

Webhelp, the global BPO with presence in 49 countries, has rapidly become a talent acquisition leader in Morocco, and decided to go one step further with its digital recruiting solution powered by Talkpush.

The company allows its recruiting teams to act independently,offering localized approaches fit for each region. In Morocco, Webhelp hires about 4,000 employees every year, and looking to increase efficiency to fill their quotas(with the right people) they turned to Talkpush to automate the initial pre-screening.

Innovation Leader

Alexander Marsigny, Regional Director at Webhelp explains that hiring 4,000 people a year meant their recruiters had to filter out from roughly 70,000 resumes, and that’s just the beginning. After that initial screening based on resumes, recruiters would have to do a phone screening to test for language abilities.They were facing a problem: phone calls are time consuming. Recruiters didn’t always get the candidate on the first try, plus they had to stay on the phone for a few minutes, even if they could correctly assess their French skills in a few seconds.



Recruiter hours annually


Decrease in marketing cost per hire


Out of 5 candidate satisfaction rating
Alexandre Marsigny
Regional Director, Webhelp

"We used to spend an average of 1 hour per candidate to be able to reach them on the phone. Now candidates can record their answers, it takes 3 minutes per recruiter instead of 1 hour because you just have to listen to the prerecorded answers and move them to the next step."

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Maximizing Benefits

Webhelp used the Talkpush bot's capabilities to receive rich media in order to quickly assess their candidates' language capabilities. By automating the initial pre-screening they were able to shorten their hiring cycles to just a few hours.

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