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How iCollege Increased their Completion Rate by 26%

Giving more students access to free education and a fair chance in the job market through digital applications

iCollege, an educational program focused on empowering South African youth by offering students free courses and getting them “job ready”, wanted to streamline their application process to widen the scope of opportunities in their region. With innovation and a top-notch candidate experience in mind, they set out to level up their recruitment process by digitizing and automating as much as possible.

With Talkpush they were able to process more volumes and ensure more students completed their application through an intuitive and accessible model, providing more opportunities in all of their 17 campuses.

The main challenge was shifting from a manual process, heavy on cold calling and excel sheets, towards a chatbot application that would allow recruiters to automatically focus on those most qualified, while still keeping every single student informed of their status, and encouraging those who didn’t make the cut to try again after preparing.



Screened candidates per month


Applications in the last 10 months


Completion rate well above the 10.6% industry average
Lizel Booysen
Marketing and Sales Director

“The Talkpush Customer Success team has provided guidance every step of the way and we’re currently planning on integrating the platform with our ATS to make it more convenient for our team.”

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“Currently with the national lockdown and what’s happening in the world we are able to respond to candidates’ questions and concerns much quicker. The processing of candidates is also much more ‘interactive’ and user-friendly.”

Maximizing Benefits

Using Talkpush’s conversational approach to automated recruitment, iCollege was able to capture more interested students. By automating the application process with a friendly chatbot, they were able to increase their completion rates, creating workflows that would remind candidates to finish their application before they abandoned the process.

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