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From 100 to 20,000 Monthly Candidates.
Delivering a more seamless candidate experience with the help of Talkpush

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McDonald’s Leverages Automation for Social Media Sourcing

McDonald’s Philippines started using talkpush to automate their recruitment process in May 2019. Integrating our platform with their various Job Boards, as well as Facebook Messenger, Resume Uploads, Online Ads, and Landing Pages they’ve seen their application completion rates rise to 47% — above industry average.

With more than 635 stores in the Philippines and counting, they have leveraged Talkpush’s dynamic sourcing and screening capabilities to hire and recruit for restaurant management and crew, drastically shortening the response time to candidates. From 5 days to 12 hours.

McDonald’s has also seen exponential growth in the amount of applicants. Starting out with about 100 unique candidates a month, with Talkpush the company has processed 20,102 candidates in just 4 months



Candidates in
just 4 months


Applications via
Facebook Messenger


completion rate.
Chona Torre
Senior Vice President of Human Capital Group, McDonald’s Philippines.

“We are happy to partner with Talkpush to make applying for a job at McDonald’s more candidate-friendly and enjoyable.”

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Maximizing Benefits

With a custom bot, McDonald’s is able to not only pre-screen and filter qualified candidates, but has been consistently delivering a delightful experience to every single one. Using automation to humanize their process, they keep every candidate engaged and informed on their status — boosting their employer brand in the process.

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