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Ocado drives hiring with end-to-end process automation

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To aid the expansion of its UK operations and boost hiring figures, Ocado automated its full recruitment cycle stages with Talkpush and achieved a 5x increase in application completion rates.

Phasing out manual and expensive hiring processes

Ocado, a leading retailer in the United Kingdom needed to make its application process seamless, faster, and easily accessible to all candidates, especially blue-collar workers. Before Talkpush, the company’s recruitment operations from hiring to onboarding were mostly manual.
All leads were redirected to the company’s career page where they were required to create a profile before they could complete prescreening which led to low lead volumes and low application completion rates.
Leads were captured in a recruiting platform that was not only expensive but required manual intervention for sorting, filtering, and qualifying candidates.
The recruitment team at Ocado also relied on emails for candidate engagement and pre-employment document collection and validation during onboarding resulting in low response time to candidate inquiries and loss of essential paperwork.

Reducing cycle time with automated pre-employment document collection

After prescreening, qualified candidates automatically receive follow-up questions set configured with a list of Right-to-work documents they are required to submit to ensure compliance with local employment laws. Recruiters do not have to chase candidates to submit these documents as automated engagements are set up to send reminders until every document is submitted.

Automated workflows to speed up hiring

Ocado integrated all its sourcing channels including job boards like Indeed and Reed and social media channels like Messenger with Talkpush. All leads are captured directly in Talkpush and automatically prescreened based on preset criteria by Ocado, which significantly reduces lead processing time as recruiters only deal with qualified candidates.
As a result, the majority of candidates complete prescreening within 5 minutes and application completion rates rose to 82%! After prescreening, candidates are automatically informed of the next steps in real-time and on their preferred communication channel whether via WhatsApp or Messenger.

Measurable Impact


application completion


Average application processing

Integration with DocuSign for seamless onboarding

With Talkpush integrating with DocuSign to enable digital employment contract generation and e-signature, Ocado has now fully automated its hiring process from the first moment a candidate clicks on a job ad till the signing of the offer letter.
After a candidate is hired, an offer letter is generated via Talkpush and sent to the candidate via email to be signed via DocuSign web view. Once signed, the offer letter is sent back securely to Talkpush, delivering an exceptional experience to new hires and making the process more efficient for recruiters.