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Australia Open: How Adecco Filled Over 1,000 Positions in 4 Weeks

Adecco Aces Australian Open Hiring automated workflows powered by Talkpush.

Adecco Australia needed to fill more than 700 Patron Services positions to staff the Australian Open operations team. With the help of Talkpush, Adecco was able to process over 1,000 candidates in just 4 weeks.

By using Talkpush they were able to automate sourcing workflows from Jora, Adzuna, Instagram, their own website, as well as internal job links. Plus, through social recruiting and Stanley they were able to tap into their preferred talent pool, and save over 200 hours from the previous year.

All of this was possible by injecting Talkpush automation into their existing recruitment processes, including workflows and our trusted bot, Stan.



Candidates in just 4 weeks.


Hours saved in comparison to last year


Hours, from click to hire, per candidate
Susan Ooi
Business Solutions Manager, Adecco

“I think as a company we feel more confident now that we’re a bit more technologically advanced because of Talkpush. We can step up and look at other types of chatbot tech in other parts of our business . We’ve got that confidence now that we can look at that because we’ve had the Talkpush experience.”

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Maximizing Benefits

Using the Talkpush standard bot, Adecco was able to fill extreme hiring quotas in just 4 weeks. By connecting the bot to social media and targeted job boards for their audience, they were able to pre-screen and filter 1,000 candidates in 4 weeks and met their quota of 700 hires.

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