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Recruitment Targeting Hacks:

Hire Better
Candidates in 2022

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About the course:

Your company is only as good as the talent that works there, so it is paramount for the success and growth of any organization to score the best possible hires in their field.

2022 presents a particular set of opportunities and challenges for sourcing talent, and in this 45-minute crash course you’ll learn exactly how experts are targeting their job offers and ads for better results. We will cover candidate segmentation techniques, Facebook Lead Ad targeting best practices, and see examples of top companies doing it right.

Bonus: Real-world examples of strategies used by top high-volume employers.

Meet the expert

Mila Navarro
Social Media Senior
Strategist for Talkpush

She has more than 5 years in content marketing and strongly believes in the power of social media to tell your story and attract those prospects who need you, or convert those who don't know yet. Her goal is to empower brands to spread their message, providing valuable content, thus growing and nurturing your funnel.

Guest Speaker

Luis Alejandro Morales
Marketing Director at Talkpush

In this course you will learn:


Learn the techniques to segment and understand the candidates which are the best fit for your hiring needs

Live creation of a target audience on Facebook Ad Manager

Understand how to build an audience and get the expert hacks that make ads reach your desired candidates.


Discover how to get 50% of your targeting success right from the creative you use in your recruitment efforts.

General overview of the modules

We cover a wide range of topics, from the basics to a fully automated recruitment process.
  • Module 1: Fundamentals of social media recruitment marketing.

    Learn the basics of recruitment marketing, the history and how the current landscape is affected by social media recruiting, and the job boards or platforms available to maximize your recruiting strategy.

  • Module 2: Creating a recruitment marketing plan for your social media ads.

    In this module, we will help you create a recruitment marketing plan for your ads using a candidate profile. Learn how to create candidate profiles and also design strategies that you can apply in your recruitment marketing plan to better target your talent pool.

  • Module 3: Facebook Business Manager: Target audience segmentation and performance analysis.

    Knowing how to target an audience is crucial. Learn how to create ads that fit your business needs and also learn how to target ads to the right audience. We'll give you a tutorial on Facebook Business Manager and share the best way to use your account.

  • Module 4: Development of advertising campaigns from strategy to execution.

    In this module, it is time to apply everything you learned and execute your advertising campaigns.

About Talkpush Academy

Our courses are designed to equip recruiters with the knowledge and necessary tools for today's challenges, using the power of automation at every stage of the recruitment and selection process. We want to help you grow in your career.

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"All topics were relevant to the "real world". The tools were explained clearly and professionally."
Bianca Padilla
Supervisor for Candidate Engagement, Inspiro
"I think it would be great if we could get our co-workers to have this kind of training. It would be really beneficial for them and for future Talkpush users. Overall, the session was great. Keep it up! :)"
Claudia Garcia
Recruitment Sourcing Associate, Genpact