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Recruitment Chatbot

HR chatbot platform to let your candidates talk to you directly on Instagram

Take your candidate experience to the next level with Talkpush Recruiter Chatbots.

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With Talkpush recruiter bots candidates can:

Submit videos of themselves explaining why they’re qualified for the role.

Browse through custom menus to learn more about life at your company.

Submit their job application by answering pre-screening questions.

Interact in 6 languages and counting!

Your recruiters will love it too


Higher visibility: engage with candidates on social media from the Talkpush platform and give access to the rest of your team.

Faster selection process: Set up rules to automatically shortlist, reject, and schedule interviews.

Less manual work: Automatically create candidate profiles from chatbot conversations.

Increase conversions: Set up triggers to prompt candidates to complete next steps, remind them of scheduled interviews or required documents.

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Need the human touch?

Your recruiters can take over the conversation at any time, without disrupting the experience. Plus, they can see all conversations with candidates, no matter what channel they’re coming from, in the same place: the Talkpush CRM.

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Connect with thousands of candidates with personalized communication

The Talkpush bots are available in 6 languages and have NLP capabilities, which means they gain knowledge of how your candidates talk. The Conversational Design team at Talkpush works to design chatbot flows that make sense for your region, target audience, and candidate behaviors, adapting to local language and culture.


Sourcing, filtering,
processing, and beyond

Talkpush offers an end-to-end solution that helps Talent Acquisition teams move candidates through each stage of the hiring process, even beyond extending the offer. Talkpush Onboard was designed to engage new employees, following remote or hybrid models, ease document collection, deliver key information, and get them excited about their first day.

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Explore all the possibilities with Talkpush’s CRM + chatbot solution 

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Sync Talkpush with all your sourcing channels.

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Manage all your candidates
in one place.

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Set every new hire up
for success


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Workflow Automation

We combine the latest in AI, Machine Learning, automation and chatbot capabilities to eliminate the most time-intensive parts of the recruitment process.

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Speak your Brand

Customize your messaging, style and tone of voice to your brand. Easily communicate your values and company culture to attract the candidates that best fit your needs.

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Enable collaboration between your team and departments. Recruitment is a team sport, we make it easy with our tagging and automatic assignment tasks.

Want to level up your recruitment?

Let’s jump on a call and explore how Talkpush can help your team.

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“We wanted our applicants to engage and have ridiculously great conversations with our chatbot, TUVA (TaskUs VirtualAssistant), as if they were just speaking with a real human. For Us to achieve that, we needed TUVA to be fun and friendly.”

Kavita Handa

Recruitment Director of Southeast Asia, TaskUs

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“For us, Talkpush’s integration and omnichannel capabilities is a great asset. Being able to connect with our candidates is a great asset.”
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Cynthia Maslian

Director of Talent Acquisition

“The Talkpush Customer Success team has provided guidance every step of the way and we’re currently planning on integrating the platform with our ATS to make it more convenient for our team.”

Lizel Booysen

Marketing and Sales Director

“We needed to find a more efficient way to process candidates. With the help ofTalkpush, we were able to use a QR code that made our signup process easier andconvenient for both our recruiters and our applicants.”

Marvin Vinluan

Strategic Sourcing and Recruitment Marketing Director

“Automating parts of our process and putting humans in control of that automation allows us to focus on what is actually important.”

David Castro

Talent Acquisition Manager for Central America, Walmart