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Onboarding Automation

Onboarding Automation to give every new hire the attention they deserve

Every new hire is precious. Offer each of them the 24/7 support they deserve to be 100% ready for Day 1.

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Automated Onboarding Software

Your candidates were delighted to land the job. Keep it that way

Starting out can be overwhelming. Get rid of clunky lists, 20 emails on the first day, the fear to ask questions. Ease off of admin work your HR team is burdened with.

Keep new
hires longer

Onboarding is a key feature. With so much information unloaded at the beginning and the expectation for them to know it — they find themselves lost and unable to do their jobs.

Make life easier
for everyone

An automated assistant ready to answer any questions they won’t ask another human. Your HR team is done answering questions they already created documents about.

Avoid time
consuming tasks

Collecting boring paperwork is below your recruiters. Nothing is more time consuming and mind numbing than collecting documentation from new hires. So why are you still doing it manually?

Stop the ghosting 

50% of new hires are lost before their first day. Get rid of a big chunk of “ghosting” by engaging new hires via social messaging, sending email reminders, answering all their questions, and building up excitement in the days leading up to the start of their new job.

Friendly engagement

With the help of an automated onboarding buddy, candidates will be fully informed of everything they need to know for their first day on the job: start date, key details, reminders and even a friendly welcome.

Boost HR Productivity

Minimize human errors by tracking all your new hires and relevant information in a single system. Give your HR team the gift of automated document collection, so they can stop chasing new hires for their info, and focus on the most important parts of their job.

Be there at Every Step

It’s hard to give every new hire special treatment, but they’re excited about their new job! Show them you care with personalized messages delivered through automation.

Step into the new era of constant engagement with onboarding automation software

By automating your onboard process you can:

Beyond onboarding, what else can I automate?

Sourcing and sorting talent is only half the battle. Explore how Talkpush can drive efficiency at every stage of the hiring funnel.

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Sync Talkpush with all your sourcing channels.

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Automate document collection.

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“What Talkpush has done is helped us automate that initial part of the screening process while humans focus on the candidates that meet all the requirements.”
Nairim Avila
Regional Director of Talent Acquisition, Alorica
“Automating parts of our process and putting humans in control of that automation allows us to focus on what is actually important”
David Castro
Talent Acquisition Manager for Central America
David Castro
“For me, it was critical to choose the right partner. Someone who’d be able to share our vision of the solution as a whole and that’s exactly what Talkpush has delivered”
Jun Abo
VP Talent Acquisition
Jun Abo
“Talkpush’s integration and omnichannel capabilities are amazing assets. Being able to connect with our candidates through different sources but on one platform has become essential to our operations”
Cynthia Maslian
Director of Talent Acquisition
Cynthia Maslian
“By using automation to grow our pipeline we’re able to access a steady stream of talent and fill our hiring quotas.”
Dawn Seng
Director, AIA
Dawn Seng Portrait
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