We are technologists and humanists.

Every day, Talkpush is making it easier for good companies to hire good people, and that makes us feel great. Everyone has a voice. Everyone has something to offer. So ho come so many candidates never get a chance to be heard? At Talkpus, we take down the invisible wall that stands between candidates and recruiters. We make it easier for convesarions to start. we do our part in making the world a more connected and productive place by standing thousands of recruiment conversations every day.

With the team spread out in the four corners of the Globe, we let people do great things from wherever they want to do them. This allows us to onboard great talent from anywhere in the world. Some jobs require to be based in one place more than others, but generally, we like to consider that the world is our talent pool. We of course encourage for Talkpushers to also meet regularly in person (in the real world) in our offices or at company events. We’ve been a distributed team since we were launched in 2014.... And picked up a few best practices in the process. We connect with together regardless of location or timezones and invest some time to get to know each others. We step out of our comfort zone; connect with people, ask (stupid) questions, add people on WhatsApp, send them GIFs... Using the tools of the messaging revolution to build our professional network within Talkpush. It is the only way we make this distributed team work well together. AND YET, WE MEET TOGETHER We do everything we can to meet together. When in a office, we organize drinks, food, social activities... Once a year, we do a company retreat, have a look on our 2017 and 2018 editions!

The world is our
talent pool

Meet Our Leadership.

Max Armbuster
Founder & CEO

Alana Smith
VP of Growth

Tim Hawk
VP of Partners

Pia Riquelme
Head of Marketing

Manon Rimbaud
Head of Employee Experience

Romain Verbeke
VP of Engineering

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