Meta Integration

A powerful feature that allows you to connect your Meta Business Manager account to Talkpush to seamlessly connect paid advertising and communicate with your candidates via their preferred communication channels, track conversations, and move candidates to the next stage — all directly from the Talkpush CRM.

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Automation capabilities
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Meta paid advertising integration with the Talkpush CRM

Gain valuable insights and take control of your recruitment campaigns using the Talkpush Lead Ad Dashboard. Our comprehensive platform allows you to track and analyze all your paid advertising efforts in one centralized location. By monitoring key metrics such as conversion rates and click-to-hire ratios, you can evaluate the effectiveness of your campaigns and make data-driven decisions to improve outcomes.

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A candidate experience designed to increase conversion

When potential candidates click "apply," they are seamlessly created in the Talkpush CRM system. This integration initiates an automated conversation through Messenger and WhatsApp, allowing applicants to submit their information directly and conveniently. 

Send reminders to reengage with candidates that were caught at a bad time.

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