Reach a global talent pool of 3.6 billion potential candidates on their favorite platforms with Talkpush

Our team of experts is dedicated to delivering the best results for recruiters through targeted Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns on social media platforms. Start your day with thousands of qualified candidates ready for an interview.

High Conversion Rate

We aim to increase the conversion rate from Lead to Qualified Candidate by activating automated communication channels like Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp.

Wide Reach

Connect with an advertising expert that will generate the best formula to help you find the ideal candidates that will generate a cost efficient formula to for your positions.

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Cost per Lead (CPL)


Cost per Qualified Candidate


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Conversion Rate from Lead to Qualified Candidate

Talkpush + Meta: Elevating Employer Brands

We're thrilled to announce that Talkpush is now a recognized Meta Business Partner. This partnership empowers us to specialize in assisting employer brands in reaching out to potential candidates and leads across Meta's vast social media network.

Why Employer Brands Choose Talkpush?


Targeted Reach: With the expansive reach of Meta's platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, we position your employer brand right where your potential candidates are. Engage with top talent seamlessly and effectively.


Authentic Employer Branding: Showcase your company culture, values, and opportunities through genuine and relevant content. Attract candidates who resonate with your brand's ethos.


Elevate Your Recruitment Game: In the competitive landscape of talent acquisition, standing out is crucial. With Talkpush and Meta, we ensure your employer brand is not just seen, but remembered.


Harness the Power of Social Media: Utilize the interactive features of Meta's platforms to host Q&A sessions, virtual office tours, or employee testimonials. Engage potential candidates in meaningful and innovative ways.


Data-Driven Recruitment: Make informed recruitment decisions with real-time data. Understand which content resonates most with your target audience, and refine your employer branding strategy for optimal results.

Our Process

Discovery Phase

Discovery Phase

We audit your account and historical data to identify opportunities to increase applicant volume and reduce costs.


Set Up Phase

Based on the insights from the Discovery Phase, we prepare a tailored strategy for your brand to attract your ideal candidates.

Launch Phase


Our team executes the plan and strategy using best practices for recruitment on social media channels based on your budget. We start optimizing for success after the first week.

What's included?

Monthly Media Plan

A detailed plan of your investment to allocate resources to the top-performing assets.

Full Ad Buying

We handle all the details to ensure you generate the best possible results.

Weekly Journal with Learnings

We share the highlights of the learnings we discovered on your campaigns weekly.

Experiment Tracker

We analyze all the A/B tests to ensure you have the top insights.

Monthly Reports

We generate a monthly comprehensive report analyzing the key insights to continue scaling your performance.

Add On: Creative Design Provider

If you don't have access to designers, we'll generate new creatives for all your campaigns.

Recommended Paid Ad
Campaign Alternatives

Our social media advertising team will create and execute a custom strategy to attract your target audience.

Lead ad to
Messenger bot

Traffic ad to mobile
landing page

Traffic ad to
WhatsApp bot

Offer your candidates a consistent journey while linking and tracking every source to optimize

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