RingCentral's Journey to Operational Excellence:
How Talkpush Amplified Efficiency by Nearly 100%

In their relentless pursuit of excellence, RingCentral boldly envisioned a recruitment process that was efficient, swift, and in constant improvement. Both teams identified an untapped potential: 83 work hours still being dedicated to manual processes, especially during the sourcing phase; the stage was set for a transformative leap.

How they did it:

RingCentral’s collaboration with Talkpush took a sophisticated turn:

Precision via Autoflow:

By weaving in cutting-edge automation configurations, they laid the foundation for a highly streamlined recruitment process.

End-to-End Integration:

RingCentral embraced a holistic methodology, embedding every facet of the recruitment operations process within Talkpush.

Connecting every source of leads:

RingCentral achieved a unified hub for all candidate interactions, centralized their recruitment efforts, and produced invaluable data insights to elevate their processes continually.

The fruits of this strategic revamp were immediately evident. Expanding sourcing channels and fortifying the autoflow led to a resounding outcome in Q1 2023: a twofold upswing in lead volume and automated actions rates. An impressive tally of 155 work hours was saved monthly, exceeding their ambitious target.

"Talkpush is a platform that RingCentral chose to use because of its innovative features and user-friendly interface. One thing that I like about Talkpush is its ability to automate the initial screening process, saving time and effort in reviewing countless resumes. Additionally, the platform's AI-powered chatbot helps engage candidates in real-time conversations, providing a personalized experience.

By using Talkpush, RingCentral has experienced significant improvements in the hiring process. The platform's help streamlined our recruitment process by implementing automation, which has produced a 43% increase in the completion rate of pre-screened candidates and a significant increase in paper-screened applicants by 59%".

- Ric Meily
Digital Marketing Manager


Deepen Talkpush integration and amplify automation across the entire recruitment journey and save 150 work hours every month.

RingCentral's synergy with Talkpush is a testament to proactive foresight and strategic action. For HR leaders and executives seeking to carve out a future-ready recruitment model, this case study offers not just a success story, but a template for transformative change in the recruitment sphere.


Volume handled with the same team


Of candidates processed automatically


Work hours saved monthly

“With Talkpush technology improving the candidate's experience, recruiters will have a bigger and better pool of applicants. This makes it easier for recruiters to find and talk to the best talent faster, and that extra time that recruiters spend with strong candidates will give us leverage to get a new hire”

Ric Meily
Digital Marketing Manager

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