Recruitment at Scale:
How McDonald's Philippines Delighted Candidates and Cut Time To Hire by 35%

McDonald's current data-driven approach to sourcing and onboarding has already delivered a substantial reduction in hiring times, and this trend continues as the team further refines the process. The introduction of Talkpush's AI-powered document recognition feature is set to further streamline their process, promising even greater efficiency in their hiring timeline.

Starting its operations in 1981, McDonald's Philippines took on the responsibility of directly managing the recruitment process for its crew and managerial positions. Rapidly expanding its network operations of over 700 restaurants across the Philippines, it partnered with Talkpush to support its high-volume hiring requirements.
The leading factor in choosing Talkpush as their recruitment automation tool was its ability to accommodate local candidate behaviors while adhering to the brand's global benchmarks for speed and uniformity.

To achieve this, McDonalds incorporated a custom AI-driven recruiting assistant, available through Messenger, SMS, and email, currently in charge of answering inquiries, evaluating candidates for prerequisites, scheduling interviews, and handling the collection and verification of employment documents as part of the recruitment and onboarding processes.

This approach effectively minimizes any unintentional bias in the recruitment process and completely eliminates the 5-day average response time to candidates.

Impact in numbers



Candidate Experience Satisfaction Score
Significant improvement vs. before Talkpush.


Eliminate application drop offs
Pre-Screening Completion Rate Has Doubled.




Time-to-Hire Reduction
Supported by automated document collection.


Candidates aren't asked to wait
98% of the incoming traffic is sorted automatically by their custom automation configurations.




Processing all incoming traffic from 9 different sources, with Messenger capturing nearly 75% of this traffic and boasting the highest completion rate.

“Talkpush has streamlined our recruitment process, reducing the time and effort required for screening and shortlisting candidates. It has significantly impacted our recruitment efforts, optimizing the overall process. The platform enables us recruiters to have an effective connection and engagement with our applicants. Lastly, Talkpush provides customization options, allowing us to tailor the platform based on our specific recruitment needs.”

Sherry Ann Bartolome
TA Leader, McDonalds Philippines

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