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We want Talkpush to help your

engage with talent

We want Talkpush technology to be available and easy to consume by all the key actors of the talent acquisition ecosystem. Talkpush’s API integrations allow our partners the ability to create tools to augment all aspects of the recruitment pipeline (and make the lives of recruiters and candidates simpler).

Partner Categories Program

ATS, CRM, HRIS & Onboarding

Use the API to build custom integrations and find new ways to automate recruitment workflows. The API can support bi-directional communication to maintain your system of record up-to-date and complain at all times.

It also supports more complex integrations that allow you to apply the conversational and messaging capabilities of Talkpush to transform your candidate journey. The API has been used to support integrations with leading vendors such as Oracle HCM/Taleo, Workday, Avature, iCims, SuccessFactor/SAP, Hubspot, Workable, Greenhouse, and many more.

Sourcing & Job Board

Develop your customized integration to advance candidates from discovery through job board click, submission or any stage of the application pipeline.

We’d love for you to use our APIs to make the candidate journey smoother and the conversion rates higher. Refreshing a database by reengaging candidates in bulk/batch Talkpush is happy to help with that, too. Basic process implementations make the entire process simple.


Language proficiency, training/educational or soft-skill video assessment platform help employers make faster and better decisions.

Through our API, you can design a workflow that integrates your assessment into the candidate journey seamlessly, and deliver scoring or evaluation data to the CRM.

BYOB: Bring Your Own Bots

The way you talk to candidates is a core part of your brand. That’s why many employers choose to design conversational interfaces (aka chatbots) that uniquely represent their brand. We love and support that.

Working with a variety of other vendors bots, we have called this the BYOB (Bring Your Own Bots) program. Integrating your existing chatbot to our CRM platform can yield many benefits, such as improving the connectivity of your chatbots to your recruitment team, continuous improvement fo your chatbot’s NLP. Its ability to read intent via supervised learning, and getting acces to Talkpush’s unique chatbot analytics.


The Talkpush team has a terrific history of working with the biggest names in the recruitment advertising and marketing agency industry. We recognize the trust your clients have placed in your research and serve as adjunct members of your team to assist in education, negotiation and integration through platform launch.


Similar to our Agency initiatives, we strive to make the implementation process and easy one for you & your clients. We work with RPOs to adapt solutions for specific geographies, languages, ecosystems, and we build workflow, that deliver.

“What Talkpush has done is helped us automate that initial part of the screening process while humans focus on the candidates that meet all the requirements.”
Nairim Avila
Regional Director of Talent Acquisition, Alorica
“Automating parts of our process and putting humans in control of that automation allows us to focus on what is actually important”
David Castro
Talent Acquisition Manager for Central America
David Castro
“For me, it was critical to choose the right partner. Someone who’d be able to share our vision of the solution as a whole and that’s exactly what Talkpush has delivered”
Jun Abo
VP Talent Acquisition
Jun Abo
“Talkpush’s integration and omnichannel capabilities are amazing assets. Being able to connect with our candidates through different sources but on one platform has become essential to our operations”
Cynthia Maslian
Director of Talent Acquisition
Cynthia Maslian
“By using automation to grow our pipeline we’re able to access a steady stream of talent and fill our hiring quotas.”
Dawn Seng
Director, AIA
Dawn Seng Portrait
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