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Talkpush is the leading automated recruiting solution that helps you engage, nurture and hire talents faster.
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It’s a numbers game


Reduction in
cost per hire


More hires
per recruiter


time to fill


Hiring conversations
per annum.
More than any other vendor


Intents understood by our NLP.
Largest conversational
database in recruitment

There’s a better way to get to the best talent available

Transform the way you process candidates for high-volume positions. With Talkpush, you’ll spend 80% less time in repetitive tasks like sorting applications, pre-screening and scheduling. Focus your attention on turning those qualified candidates into hires.

Boost your conversion rates with candidate-centric journeys
proven to work

Ensure your leads stay informed, always.
Engage instantly with Talkpush; the moment candidates hit "apply". Allow our automated system to gather crucial pre-screening information while boosting your conversion rate.

Explore our tailor-made conversational AIs

Talkpush's AI is designed for precision, user-friendliness, and transparency. Utilize its power to efficiently screen and shortlist thousands of candidates instantly. Equipped with advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities, multiple language proficiency, and adeptness at over 75,000 intents, our chatbots simplify pre-screening and provide comprehensive support.

Boost your ATS with a perfect complement

Talkpush seamlessly integrates with the market's leading ATSes for an effortless experience. If you're utilizing an in-house system, or perhaps none at all, we're also ready to support you with a tailor-made solution crafted specifically for your needs.

Enterprise-grade security

Ensure your company's data is completely secure and that you'rein compliance with the latest standards.

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