Improving contact rates to accelerate recruitment at Accenture

Accenture in the Philippines saw rapid expansion and needed to improve its volume recruitment operations and deliver a faster response time to candidates in order to hit its hiring targets. This was impossible without either a significant increase in the sourcing team headcount or automation of some of the candidate engagement activities.

The Challenge:
Consolidating all sourcing channels

For over 30 years, Accenture has earned a reputation for helping clients achieve tremendous growth. With more than 75,000 employees in the Philippines, the company’s ability to recruit in high volume was essential to its operation and continued growth.

To improve the contact rate, Accenture’s talent sourcing team had built custom applications to collect applications from various channels, limiting its ability to compare activity across the channels, making it complicated to identify and eliminate duplicate applications, and slowing down their overall response time to candidates. Also, the team screened each applicant via phone calls which were time-consuming.

As candidates waited too long to hear back, contact rates were low, lead conversion was slow and hiring rates were dropping.

Improving response time and candidate engagement

To improve the lead processing time, Accenture captured all leads from different sourcing channels in Talkpush. Using the landing pages powered by Talkpush, Accenture conducts an initial identified based on set criteria, and connected with recruiters directly, and unqualified candidates are disqualified for immediate consideration. They can opt-in to be considered for future opportunities.

Communications with candidates are conducted mainly using local bi-directional SMS communication, as well as email and Facebook Messenger, ensuring the fastest response time and read rate possible.

As a result, Accenture was able to increase the capacity of its sourcing team by eliminating phone screening, reducing the average processing time from “applicant” to “candidate” by more than 72 hours, which tripled its lead conversion rate.

Measurable impact

Lead processing time was cut down by 72 hours

Lead conversion rate increased from 23% to 60%

Lead contact rate increased from 35% to 51%

Capacity per sourcer increased from 100 to 200 applications per day

Application completion rates were 3x higher

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