Transforming recruitment: Aeromexico's +6X Boost in Processed Leads through AI-Driven Conversational Automation

A leader in Latin American aviation and Mexico's flagship airline, Aeromexico recognized the need to streamline their recruitment process, while simultaneously delivering an exceptional candidate experience. This case study explores how our cutting-edge recruitment automation software revolutionized Aeromexico's hiring process, leading to increased efficiency, reduced time-to-hire, and a superior candidate experience that set them apart from their competitors.

Challenges faced by Aeromexico

Prior to implementing our solution, Aeromexico faced several key challenges in their recruitment process that slowed down their recruitment operations:

Manual and time-consuming processes:

The recruitment team was overwhelmed with the task of manually reviewing a high volume of applications and conducting initial candidate screenings, leading to extended time-to-hire and limiting their ability to focus on strategic initiatives.

Inefficient Candidate Engagement and High Drop-Off Rates:

Delayed response times, a lengthy application process and costly phone screenings resulted in low job application conversions.

Inconsistent candidate experience:

The lack of a standardized and automated communication process resulted in uneven candidate experiences, which impacted Aeromexico's employer brand.

Difficulty identifying top talent:

Without a streamlined process to assess and evaluate candidates efficiently, Aeromexico found it challenging to identify and engage the best talent for their organization.

Automated sourcing to attract and retain the best talent

Aeromexico integrated all sourcing channels including its career site, social media channels, and job boards with Talkpush for automated engagement. Our solution provided the following immediate benefits:


Intelligent candidate screening:

By automating the initial screening process, our AI solution rapidly assessed candidate qualifications and matched them to job requirements, significantly reducing the time spent on manual reviews.


Consistent and personalized communication:

Our conversational AI software enabled Aeromexico to deliver personalized and timely communication to candidates throughout the recruitment process, fostering a positive and engaging experience.


Data-driven insights:

Our solution provided Aeromexico with valuable insights and analytics to inform data-driven decision-making and improve their overall recruitment strategy.

Surpassing Expectations: Aerobot's Impact on Candidate Satisfaction and KPI Breakthroughs

Since implementing our recruitment automation conversational AI and improved process, Aeromexico has chieved remarkable results. Their recruitment chatbot, Aerobot, keeps candidates engaged and informed via WhatsApp and Facebook throughout the hiring process.

The integrated and consistent approach contributed to a remarkable +6X increase in processed leads with a same size team, soaring from 21,000 in 2021 to 138,000 in 2022.

Satisfaction score from those who rate the application experience

Job application completion rate

Of candidates completing prescreening in under 10 minutes, streamlining the recruitment process and maximizing efficiency

Embrace AI-Powered Recruitment Automation for a Competitive Edge

By leveraging our recruitment automation conversational AI software, Aeromexico was able to overcome their recruitment challenges, secure top talent, and deliver an exceptional candidate experience.

Our AI-driven solution can do the same for your organization, empowering you to achieve new heights in recruitment efficiency and candidate satisfaction.

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