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Retailers need to fill positions quickly or they risk losing customers and revenue. Minimizing time-to-fill across a large territory and thousands of openings is more complex than it seems.  

Talkpush is the best platform to automate this activity, and is used by all types retailers including e-Commerce, restaurants, department stores and local convenience chains.

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Delivering a more seamless candidate experience with the help of Talkpush.

Going from 75% to 92% of Completed Applications.

Ocado drives hiring with end-to-end process automation

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Finding quality talents faster…

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Less ghosting


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Reduction in time-to-fill

"The use of technology is what helps us provide a better experience for both our customers and our associates. For the TA department, Talkpush has been the partner that has helped us achieve that."

David Castro

Talent Acquisition Manager
for Central America, Walmart

Build diverse talent pools for different roles and locations effortlessly

Capture leads from multiple sources in Talkpush for easy tracking and collaboration between recruiters and set up automated engagement for mass messaging and candidate nurturing.

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End-to-end automation
of recruitment processes

With chatbots and Robotic Process Automation, Talkpush supports retail hiring from start to finish.

Robotic Process Automation

Talkpush’s Robotic Process Automation capabilities allow for efficient and streamlined recruitment processes.
Our platform automates repetitive tasks such as prescreening, delivering assessments, scheduling interviews and sending out offer letters, reducing your cycle time and saving your hiring team valuable time and resources.


Talkpush-powered chatbots accelerate the hiring process by providing instant and personalized communication with candidates.

These chatbots can screen applicants, provide contextualized responses at any stage of the recruitment cycle, answer FAQs, schedule interviews, and digitally onboard new hires.

Optical Character Recognition

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology allows for pre-employment validation and background checks to be completed quickly and accurately.

This ensures that only the most qualified and suitable candidates are hired, reducing the risk of bad hires and turnover.

Document Collection

Talkpush is a powerful document collection tool for recruiters. It allows you to easily collect and store candidate documents such as resumes, supporting documents and job applications.
The intuitive user interface makes it easy to locate and review documents quickly, and its secure cloud-based platform ensures that all documents are stored safely and securely.
Users can also generate employment contracts and send them for e-signature, thanks to the partnership with DocuSign.

Integrating your ATS with Talkpush

Talkpush API also integrates with your ATS of choice allowing for the automatic bi-directional transfer of data between the two systems and eliminating the need for manual data entry.

Candidate statuses are updated in both systems in real-time for transparency and to boost hiring efficiency. With Talkpush, there is centralized visibility on leads and their application status for ease of collaboration amongst recruiters in various stores.

Adapted to different retail environments


With automated recruitment workflows and messaging, Talkpush streamlines recruitment and helps brands quickly and easily engage with and respond to candidates, helping them build and manage an effective employer branding strategy, and giving them the ability to showcase their unique culture, values, and opportunities to potential applicants.

Luxury department stores

Need to quickly identify the right candidates even during the prequalification stage? Talkpush enables video and audio screening questions at the very top of the funnel so you can reduce your lead processing time and fill openings faster.
Also screen for candidates for English proficiency during prescreening with our English voice pre-screening tool that can score candidates with just a brief interaction over messaging (available on Messenger + WhatsApp).

Regional Franchise

Talkpush enables collaboration among your various stores during hiring allowing your recruiters to share applicant data, which includes a centralized pool of candidates, and an overview of each store’s hiring progress.
Talkpush API integrates seamlessly with your ATS so you can store and manage candidate data without any manual entry.

Restaurants chains

Talkpush allows you to build talent pools for various roles that accelerate hiring even for the most challenging locations that are usually hard to fill.
Integrate all sourcing channels in Talkpush so all leads are directly captured in Talkpush for immediate prescreening. With Talkpush’s centralized platform, move candidates across various locations and help recruiters reduce time-to-fill.

Online retailers

The rise in e-commerce has created unprecedented challenges to the supply chain, and driven up the demand for blue-collar roles such as drivers, pickers, packers and other warehouse workers. Those roles can be physically and mentally very demanding. To be mindful of the candidates and the recruiters' time, it is important to communicate those challenges transparently, and to validate that the applicant are able and willing to take them on. Talkpush supports multi-media (including video) communication to and from the candidate, and a multi-step process, which validates that only qualified and truly motivated candidates move to the final interview stage.

Local shops

Inundated with candidate traffic from walk-ins and referrals and other manual-intensive sourcing channels? With Talkpush, you can automate 95% of top-of-funnel recruitment tasks including lead capturing and processing, helping your hiring team process double the leads in half the time and freeing up recruiters to focus on qualified candidates while delivering an exceptional candidate experience.

Let store managers be store managers

Talkpush automates the recruitment process at the front of the funnel so your store managers can focus on the task of running your stores rather than reviewing CVs and scheduling interviews.

Talkpush designs a seamless hiring process across multiple touch points so that even walk-ins are digitally redirected to their preferred platforms to complete their applications.It’s paperless, convenient and it’s fast!

With Talkpush, hiring for retail happens 24/7 even when your recruiters need downtime

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