Attract high-volume talent with an optimized candidate journey

Transform burdensome, lengthy applications into an engaging process using Talkpush's, omnichannel recruitment automation platform.

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Hi Karla, thank you for your interest in our Store Manager position. Can you answer 5 quick questions now?


Are you above the age of 18?

Are you available to work on weekends?

Do you have store management experience?

Expanded reach

Talkpush integrates with your social media, paid ads, job aggregators, and other platforms so you can cast a much wider net.

Seamless Candidate Engagement Across Preferred Channels

Instantly engage with candidates through their preferred communication channels, all from a singular platform. Save time and ensure consistent and personalized interaction.

Behavioral-Driven Workflows

Use Talkpush’s adaptive workflows designed around candidate behaviors and boost your application completion rates.

Data-driven decisions with Talkpush Analytics

Leverage the comprehensive data insights collected by Talkpush to gain a thorough understanding of your recruitment process. With Talkpush analytics, you don't just see a fragment - you get the full, illuminating picture. Discover the origins of your talent, tracking their journey through your brand's assets and monitoring their interactions along the way. The platform enables you to uncover where potential candidates might stumble or disengage, providing the insights needed to optimize their journey.

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