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We are Talkpush

The leading recruitment
automation platform

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Combining technology and deep knowledge on candidate behavior, we are a one of a kind, end to end platform for TA teams seeking to make authentic connections with thousands (soon, millions) of candidates. We believe that recruitment should be decentralized, personalized and enjoyable for all and are laser focused on making this happen.

Our Mission

To change the way high volume employers hire towards a more human, faster, and more effective process.

Our Vision

To become the global leader, measured in volume of hires processed  (and happy candidates) by focusing relentlessly on building candidate experiences adapted to local behaviors.

Our Values

We treat others with respect
We move fast
We listen
We challenge each other
We trust each other

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Our Journey

Mar 2014

After building a prototype of a web-based IVR for recruitment, we signed our first beta customer, a Philippines BPO company.

May 2015

Opening our first offices in Manila.

Aug 2015

Joins the accelerator program Seedcamp in London.

Nov 2015

Seed round from 500 Startups, Seedcamp and angel investors.

Aug 2016

Release of the world’s first Facebook interview chatbot.

Sep 2017

Opening of offices in San Jose, Costa Rica

Jun 2018

Opening of offices in Mexico City

August 2018

Talkpush launches the first ever recruiting chatbot on WhatsApp

May 2019

Talkpush App goes live, for the on-the-go recruiters

May 2020

Launch of AutoFlow, the first Robotic Process Automation (RPA) feature designed for recruiters

Nov 2020

Talkpush processes 10M candidates in the toughest year of employment history

May 2021

Pass the 1K monthly users mark

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The way we Work

We are One

We Are Nerds and We Like It

We love looking at processes and ways to make them more effective, allowing recruiters to reach their maximum potential.


We Live by the Numbers

Our decisions are data-driven. We measure, we compare and we let new data alter our conception of reality.


We Tinker

We accept that no solution or design will ever be final and that we must challenge the status quo endlessly.

Measured Clients

We Are One with Our Customers

Their problems are our problems. Their results are our results.

Who’s behind the automation robot?

We are a small, multicultural group of people who are driven by technology and humanism. We think big, we work smart and we get shit done.






Time Zones

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What makes us different?

The freedom to work when and
where we want 🌴

Some of us work from the office, some of us work remotely, some of us work from the beach. We measure the output of course, but we don’t count the number of hours or the amount of vacations people take.

Remote Work

The challenge of cutting-edge
technology 📡

Talkpush leads the conversational revolution in recruitment. This is a field which will attract some of the brightest minds in engineering, NLP and design for the years to come.

Edge Technology

The desire to make the
world a better place 🌈

Every year, we help millions of job seekers talk to employers. We love being able to have a big impact in the world, affecting positive change every day, a little bit at a time.

Better World

Meet the Talkpush Leadership Team


Max Armbruster

Founder & CEO


Aristotle Neil Ocampo

Head of Customer


Francis Chan

VP of Product

Luis Morales

Head of Marketing


Manon Rimbaud

Head of Employee


Clarisse Cunanan

Head of Finance

Our Investors

Wanna join us in the mission?

We are a small, multicultural group of people who are driven by technology and humanism. We think big, we work smart and we get shit done.

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