Ocado's Journey to Seamless Hiring with Automation

Discover how Ocado, a leading UK retailer, harnessed the power of Talkpush to supercharge its recruitment process, achieving a remarkable 5x increase in application completion rates with a dramatic improvement in the candidate experience.

Transforming a Slow and Cumbersome Process

Facing the challenge of expanding its UK operations, Ocado needed to streamline its recruitment workflow, making it faster, accessible, and appealing to all candidates, particularly skilled laborers. The previous process, relying heavily on manual operations and a costly recruitment platform, led to low lead volumes and insufficient application completion rates.

Ocado's recruitment team also struggled with inefficient candidate engagement, relying on email for document collection and onboarding, causing delays and loss of vital paperwork.

Instant Prescreening: A Recipe for Success

Ocado partnered with Talkpush, integrating all sourcing channels, including job boards and social media, for a seamless candidate experience. With automatic prescreening based on preset criteria, recruiters now focus solely on qualified candidates. The majority of applicants complete the entire prescreening process within just 5 minutes. The result? A staggering 82% application completion rate!

Application Completion rate

Real-Time Updates & Personalized Candidate Engagement

Candidates receive instant notifications about next steps through their preferred communication channels, such as WhatsApp or Messenger, making the process more personalized and engaging.

They can also obtain instant answers to their frequently asked questions, thanks to Talkpush's advanced conversational AI. Leveraging Natural Language Processing, this AI is proficient in comprehending 85% of candidate inquiries, providing a smooth and informative experience.

Smooth Onboarding with DocuSign Integration

Talkpush's integration with DocuSign enables digital contract generation and e-signature, creating a fully automated hiring process from the moment a candidate clicks on a job ad to the signing of the offer letter. This seamless experience for new hires makes the process more efficient for recruiters.

“The service we've received from the Talkpush team has been exceptional, it was really a plug-and-play solution to replace our dated ATS. We were able to maximize every pound of our marketing investment. Our fastest application-to-contract process clocked in under 30 minutes. The benefits have been tangible and immense.”

Jerome Lopez
Head of people, Ocado

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