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70% Reduction in Processing Times: iQor's Digital Transformation Success

iQor, a global managed services provider specializing in technology-enabled BPO solutions, operates in over 40 contact center locations worldwide, including a significant presence in The Philippines. With over 40,000 workers worldwide, iQor continually seeks innovative ways to enhance operational efficiency and maintain its competitive edge. Their recent pilot project in Davao exemplified how digital solutions can dramatically reduce their time to hire and ensure consistent quality

The Drive for Automation: What Changed?

The primary goals for this operational transformation were:


Enhance operational productivity by automating the entire recruitment process up to the point of submitting job offers.


Reduce telecommunications expenses by at least 50%.


Cut processing times by 50%.

iQor, a global managed services provider specializing in technology-enabled BPO solutions, operates in over 40 cTo achieve these, they decided to test an entirely automated recruitment flow, eliminating all manual intervention. iQor's vision was to manage recruitment ramp-ups with their existing team, allowing recruiters to focus on higher-value tasks rather than routine follow-ups. Gone are the days when recruiters spent hours on the phone reminding candidates of the following steps or missing documents.

A significant change in this digital transformation was the adoption of TalkScore, a language assessment tool. This innovative solution allows iQor to evaluate a candidate’s English proficiency directly through Facebook Messenger with just a few audio responses. This streamlined approach increased candidate conversion rates and highlighted the most qualified applicants.

Hiring managers now benefit from comprehensive language skills reports and interview recordings, enabling them to provide feedback efficiently and determine the best placement for each candidate. This transformation has allowed iQor to disposition candidates in minutes, significantly accelerating their recruitment process and ensuring they place the right talent in the right roles swiftly.

The Ultimate High-Tech Recruitment Workflow

No human intervention is required from application submission to the final interview. iQor turned this vision into reality by integrating all their sourcing channels—such as organic Facebook traffic and walk-in applications—into their Talkpush system. Candidates navigate through automated pre-screening, fully custom assessments, and interviews. The always-needed human intervention is carefully introduced only to review and finalize decisions. This shift accelerates the workflow and ensures uniformity in evaluating candidates.

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The Results

Transitioning from manual to digital processes demands considerable change management. Training sessions, adapting to new tech, and fine-tuning systems to fit organizational demands are crucial. For iQor, the outcomes have been promising— boosted completion rates and notable cost savings. Talkpush’s digital tools wholly replaced multiple repetitive interactions, reducing operative costs and saving valuable human resources.

Reduced processing
times by 70%

of all completed leads finished their TalkScore language assessment in the following 5 minutes

of all completed leads finished their TalkScore language assessment within the first hour

Completed leads reach “Ready to hire” status in

1 hour
or less

24 hours
or less

Balancing Digital Tools
and Human Insight

iQor’s initiative underscores the efficacy of digital tools while highlighting the enduring value of human contact. In scenarios demanding intricate decision-making and emotional intelligence, digital tools act as facilitators rather than replacements. The future likely involves combining both, utilizing digital tools to enhance operational flows while preserving human discernment for quality assurance

What’s Next for Your Enterprise?

Reflecting on iQor’s journey, consider your organizational setup. Which processes could improve with digital tools? How can you balance digital efficiency with the invaluable human touch? iQor’s story is not just a demonstration of technological progress but a catalyst for action. Embracing the future means considering how innovations like Talkpush could redefine your recruitment strategies.

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