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Explore our powerful mobile-friendly language assessment, designed to improve conversion through an exceptional candidate experience. With TalkScore, you can swiftly identify top talent, ensure precise and unbiased candidate assessment, and enhance your recruitment efficiency.

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What is TalkScore?

Tailored for the modern candidate, TalkScore is a fully customizable language assessment designed to be as intuitive and user-friendly as everyday conversations.

Tailor-Made for Every Job Position: TalkScore can be customized to suit the specific requirements of any job position. It evaluates candidates across multiple aspects—pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, fluency, active listening, and comprehension. It ranks them on the CEFR scale and provides a detailed, shareable report of their skills.

Mobile-Centric & Intuitive: Whether on WhatsApp, web, or Messenger, candidates can effortlessly complete the assessment right from their phones. Our interface is clean, straightforward, and designed with a mobile-first approach.

Relaxed & Comprehensive: Gone are the days of rigid, formal assessments. TalkScore offers a relaxed environment that mirrors the casual chats candidates are accustomed to. This not only puts them at ease but also provides a more genuine reflection of their English proficiency.

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New Dimensions for a Richer Assessment

Identify all relevant variables of the candidate's response: Fluency, grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary and comprehension
/understanding elements.

Diverse Question Types

From "Play Media" to "Listen-and-Repeat" and "Listen-and-Speak", expand your question formats to cater to various assessment needs.

Seamless Integration

TalkScore easily integrates with your existing HR systems, making it a hassle-free addition to your recruitment process.

Robust Scoring Mechanism

Our scoring criteria ensure that ratings are generated only from valid responses, ensuring accuracy and reliability.

TalkScore collects the data via the candidates’ preferred comms channel

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