How Concentrix automated 100,000 annual hires, end-to-end

Concentrix, the largest private employer in the Philippines, used automation, chatbots and robotic process automation to deliver the fastest candidate experience.

Automating recruitment and building a more scalable operations

Since 2018, Concentrix, the global leader in business services specializing in customer engagement has been working with Talkpush to transition from a manual to a 99%-automated recruitment workflow.

Concentrix needed to deliver a seamless hiring process from the first click on a job advertisement to the first day of work, eliminating manual bottlenecks, and speeding up recruitment for 100,000 annual hires. Prior to Talkpush, the recruitment team downloaded leads from multiple sources and consolidated them in spreadsheets for tracking and processing and they also manually responded to candidates' inquiries one after the other resulting in really low response rates and low application completion rates.

Even after candidates were hired, the onboarding process involved the manual collection and processing of pre-employment documents. The onboarding team would chase the new hires with phone calls, emails, and SMS which were not only time-consuming but expensive and resulted in the loss of essential paperwork.

A seamless candidate journey

Concentrix integrated its sourcing channels including social media channels like Facebook and Instagram and job boards like Indeed and Jobstreet with Talkpush.

With all the leads captured directly in Talkpush, Concentrix could drive faster processing and pre-screening through a chatbot for over 2.5 million leads processed annually, while more than doubling the job application completion rate.

“Before Talkpush, I was doing all of the manual tasks like harvesting the leads and responding to inquiries on our Concentrix page. We used to download applications one by one, then consolidate the leads, and finally format the excel using our internal tracker. It was really time-consuming. With Talkpush we can import leads in real-time and export datafrom the CRM for custom analysis with just a click. I can now deliver a much larger volume of qualified leads than before.”

Rox Banaag
Digital Sourcing
Supervisor, Concentrix

Workday records updated in real-time with Talkpush

Talkpush API integrates seamlessly with Workday and SVAR, allowing for the automatic bi-directional transfer of data between the two systems, and eliminating the need for manual data entry. Talkpush serves as the recruitment team’s main platform for day-to-day operations, while Workday is the global system of record and HRIS. The integration ensures that all candidate information is kept up-to-date on both platforms and that any change happening to a candidate's status in Workday, is immediately reflected on Talkpush and communicated back to the candidate.

When candidates apply through Talkpush, their full profile and application updates are automatically transferred to Workday. And once candidates are hired, the update is sent back to Talkpush to keep the candidates informed.

When the employment contract is generated on Workday this triggers the start of the onboarding process on Talkpush and the new hire will receive a custom personalized notification from Coco, which can also answer questions contextually.

Capturing the Talkpush
impact in 5 numbers:



Hires recorded on the platform


Leads processed




Reduction in time to hire


Productivity increase  in the onboarding team




Employment documents collected and validated

“Implementing Talkpush is a win-win for both new hires and our recruiters. It provides a better onboarding experience for candidates and makes the onboarding process way more efficient for our recruiters.”

Loralie Felin
Director for Talent
Acquisition, Concentrix

Talkpush integrated the SHL assessment into the workflow so that pre-qualified candidates could immediately receive a unique hyperlink for them to complete their assessment, resulting in an increase in the completion rate of the assessment. Within one year, the number of candidates who completed the assessment without human assistance or prompting had gone up 6x.

Concentrix’s recruitment chatbot is named Coco. It provides a contextualized conversational interface at every stage of the recruitment process, recognizing when a candidate moves from the lead stage to the hiring stage, and finally to the onboarding stage, thus ensuring a smooth transition for candidates across the full cycle recruitment process. This results in real-time responses to inquiries, freeing up recruiters to focus on more essential tasks.

By collecting those assessments, Coco does automatically what used to consume the equivalent of 9 full-time recruiters.

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