Afni transforms its recruitment strategy and doubles its volume of weekly hires with Talkpush

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Embracing social sourcing and fully automated digital recruitment workflows.

With its team of passionate people, Afni helps brands cultivate meaningful and successful relationships with their customers through various channel strategies and solutions. To this end, Afni hires thousands of professionals annually in the Philippines and currently boasts a global team of about 10,000 employees to achieve this organizational objective.

Afni’s recruitment process plays a vital role in its proven success as an international contact center. With Talkpush, Afni experienced increased leads via social media sourcing, automated workflows, and easy integration with third-party assessment tools which sped up candidate screening and hiring.



of candidates finish their application in less than 10 minutes (up from 2%)


increase in average process rate


decrease in candidate ghosting

As a global contact center, Afni helps brands cultivate meaningful and successful relationships with their customers. Faced with countless manual recruitment processes, which slowed down their hiring rate, Afni decided to connect with Talkpush. This partnership helped the company transition from a manual recruitment approach to a fully digitized process.

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Maximizing Benefits

Now, candidates interested in Afni’s job openings can apply to these vacancies and continue the entire application process with Afni without leaving the sourcing channel.
See how Afni doubled its hiring volume by embracing Talkpush’s social sourcing capabilities and automating its hiring process.

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