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How Alorica Processed 2X the candidates in Half the Time

Creating a “fun and worthwhile hiring experience” for candidates and recruiters

Alorica Philippines sourced candidates from a vast amount of heavily attended jobfairs all over the Philippines and needed to seamlessly collect applications and pool them in one place for easy processing.

Now with Talkpush, Alorica is able to offer college students an infinitely better candidateexperience, blending brick and mortar with Talkpush's digital solution.

With Talkpush as their CRM and chatbot, Alorica is now automating 95% of top-of-funnel recruitment tasks, freeing up their recruiters to focus on top talent while giving every candidate a delightful experience.



more than double their usual candidates


less time than ever before

Time saver

didn't have to waste time manually sifting through forms
Marvin V.
Director, Sourcing and Recruitment Marketing

“We needed to find a more efficient way to process candidates. With the help ofTalkpush, we were able to use a QR code that made our signup process easier andconvenient for both our recruiters and our applicants.”

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Maximizing Benefits

See how Alorica was able to collect double the usual candidate applications in less than half the time as candidates no longer had to stand in line waiting to fill out long forms with all their contact information.

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