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How Concentrix Managed a 16-fold increase in candidate volume with the help of their recruiting digital assistant Coco.

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Using automation to speed up recruitment and deliver excellent candidate experience.

Since 2018, Concentrix has been partnering with Talkpush to deliver a more seamless candidate experience from the first click on an application to the first day of work.Concentrix wanted to improve their processing rate, and to move from a manual to a 99% automated workflow at the front of the funnel.

Concentrix wanted to deliver an uninterrupted candidate experience from the moment they apply until they are being interviewed. This meant integrating Talkpush with Facebook, Workday, job boards, and with their assessment tool, Aspiring Minds.

Using chatbot Coco powered by Talkpush, Concentrix pre-qualifies leads to ensure maximum completion and conversion rate.


35% target to 65%

Completion rate from

12 recruiters

from socialmedia handling to more value added tasks

1,500 to 25,000

Facebook volume of qualified leads increasedfrom an average
Rox Banaag
 Digital Sourcing Supervisor,Concentrix

“Before Talkpush, I was doing all of the legwork, and manual tasks like harvesting the leads and responding to inquiries on our Concentrix page. It was really time-consuming. I can now delivera much larger volume of qualified leads than before.”

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Maximizing Benefits

By leveraging the capabilities of Talkpush powered chatbot, Coco, Concentrix is benefiting from the power of social media recruitmentleveraged through automation.
Now they can process candidates faster.
They went from processing an average of 1,500 leads per month from Messenger to an average of 25,000, a 16x increase!

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