Infosys BPM triples referrals with Talkpush

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How Infosys achieved a 3X increase in referral hiring volume without increasing recruiter team headcount.

Before Talkpush, Infosys’ recruitment operations spent valuable time on resource-intensive sourcing channels such as in-person career fairs, candidate referrals, using a dedicated email inbox and expensive staffing vendors, which significantly drove up the average cost per hire.

By implementing automated engagements with Talkpush, including a Messenger chatbot interaction and real-time notifications, Infosys was able to optimise its recruitment process and achieve a 4x increase in total lead volume and a 3x increase in referral hiring volume.



The share of ERP hires.


The total volume of leads processed.


In the total volume of annual hires.
Justine Urbiztondo
Senior Associate Manager for Sourcing  
Infosys BPM Philippines

“We wanted our applicants to engage and have ridiculously great conversations with our chatbot, TUVA (TaskUs VirtualAssistant), as if they were just speaking with a real human. For Us to achieve that, we needed TUVA to be fun and friendly.”

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“With Talkpush, we have increased the share of hires from the Employee Referral program due to the simplicity of the experience. We made it much easier for all of our employees to participate, and as a result, while increasing our overall volumes, we also increased the share of hires from referrals from 12% to 40%.”

Maximizing Benefits

With Talkpush, Infosys increased its sourcing activity from Meta (Facebook + Instagram) and implemented automatic candidate pre-screening.
This resulted in 4X its monthly applications from under 1,000 to 4,000 in just 90 days while maintaining a high contact rate.
See how Infosys was able to achieve a 46% contact rate for its social media leads, easily track and reward the best referrers, and improve the effectiveness of its Employee Referral Program.

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