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Shearwater Health accelerates hiring from its referral programs by 261% using Talkpush

Omnichannel candidate engagement strategy for improved hiring results

Shearwater Health experiencing low conversion rates and really slow response time to candidates as the recruitment team didn’t have enough bandwidth to get back to every candidate within 24 hours of their application. Their referral program needed a revamp as well.

With Talkpush, all candidates are informed within the same day if they have made the shortlist. They continue to receive real-time updates on their application throughout the process. Referrals are now collected via automated workflows that pools all candidates in one place for easy processing.



increase in monthly processed candidates


increase in hires


increase in hires from referrals
Marvin V.
Director, Sourcing and Recruitment Marketing

Clinical process outsourcing company, Shearwater Health, hires hundreds of healthcare professionals. With the help of Talkpush, they improved they reduced the volume of inquiries during recruitment and grew the performance of their referral programs by 261%.

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Maximizing Benefits

By automating manual processes, recruiters can now focus on follow-ups to ensure that each lead is converted into an applicant. Recruiters at Shearwater Health can now cross-checkapplications at a glance, saving them hundreds of hours annually.

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