How PSG Increased Apply Rates by 48%

How PSG increased their completed applications from 37% to 85% in six months.

PSG Global Solutions, a global RPO with a slew of Talent Acquisition solutions offers its customers a tech-enabled approach to source and attract the best talent. Its forward thinking philosophy in recruitment has led the company to become a transformational leader, always at the helm of new processes to increase efficiency and better the candidate experience.

In 2017, PSG was already looking for ways to leverage the benefits of social media recruiting in their high volume environment — leading them to Talkpush, a combined chatbot and CRM automation platform.

Making Personal Connections Scaleable

Recruiting on Facebook, LinkedIn and even Instagram has many advantages, which smaller companies know very well. Read rates on Facebook Messenger are 10x higher than email and completion rates spike when candidates have the option to complete their application right on their smartphone. The difficulty for firms like PSG who handle a variety of industries at high volume is being able to offer this kind of personalized service to thousands of candidates every hour of every day.



increase in application completions.


of candidates processed on a monthly basis


of all hires from social media
Rey Gonzaga
Sr. Director Strategic Services

"We wanted to find a differentiator for us in terms of getting in touch with potential candidates and our sourcing efforts"

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“It has to be engaging, we operate on a very lean theme. Instead of having people watching over our social media page 24/7, it could take 12 hours or sometimes even 2 days to get to a candidate. We started to develop a backlog and we were missing out on special candidates because of it.”

Maximizing Benefits

Integrating Talkpush with all of their sourcing channels, PSG has been able to optimize their hiring budgets, allocating resources to the most successful channels. Targeting a millennial and Gen Z audience, they’ve leveraged the power of social media, turning it into one of their most successful sourcing platforms, with 30% of their hires coming from social media.