Leverage your talent pool by starting conversations and engaging with your candidates wherever they are.

Sourcing and Candidate Engagement

Improve your completion rates by actively engaging with every single candidate from first touch to hire

  • - Omnichannel sourcing
  • - Candidate Engagement 24/7
  • - Automated Follow-ups at scale
  • - Automated scheduling
  • - Integrated Multichannel Analytics
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Pipeline Automation and Candidate Experience

Deliver the best candidate experience while processing more candidates and cutting down hiring costs

  • - Customized Bot
  • - Integrate with the rest of your tech stack
  • - Integrated Analytics
  • - End to End Automation
  • - Messaging Enabled Career Website
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Custom Solutions

Scalable enterprise plans, crafted to fit your business needs and align with your company vision

  • - Custom development
  • - Crafted Integrations
  • - Team-specific Automated workflows features
  • - Custom bot with brand personality
  • - Advanced Analytics
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Features that will change yours and your candidate’s lives.

AI automated greetings to all your candidates.

Smart filters that identify top talent.

Customized automated workflows.

Mobile app for iOS and Android for instant access.

Advanced reports and analytics.

Seamless integrations with dozens of partners.

Job referral programs.

Branded career sites.

Calendar synchronization.

How does our pricing model work?

Pricing is determined based on the number of users, number of annual hires, number of locations supported and based on the features required to support your operations. Get in touch with us, and we'll get you a quote after a quick chat.

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