Making New Hires Feel at Home (with Bots)

17 February, 2021

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Imagining the ideal Candidate Journey in 2021

Two panel discussions where industry leaders will candidly discuss what the candidate experience needs to look like to remain competitive now and in the future.

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Pipelining Strategies for Upcoming Ramp-Ups

Let’s get talking! We want to have an open conversation about different strategies Talent Acquisition teams can implement to deal with increased volumes (without sacrificing the candidate experience.)

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Talkpush Demo: automating your recruitment process (in Spanish)

Learn how to use Talkpush, we’ll walk you through the platform, the analytics dashboard, integration opportunities and go over how you can centralize your recruitment operations in one single automated system.

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Recruiting Remote Employees During Quarantine

As we adapt to the new normal, we want to provide helpful tips and actionable steps TA teams can take to keep on optimizing their processes to hire the best remote talent. (Spanish)

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Virtual Job Fairs and Events

Description: Join us for insights on how to run virtual job fairs, how to make your virtual event standout, and how to assure that you deliver a fun and productive virtual job fair experience.

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Optimizing Recruitment for a Remote Workforce

As companies pivoted towards remote models, the most successful recruitment teams have found ways to find and hire people who are already equipped to handle WFH

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Virtual Job Fairs (in Spanish)

The new normal doesn’t mean we can’t still leverage traditional recruitment methods that are proven to work. We just need to find effective ways to replicate the experience virtually.

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Hiring freeze? Here’s what you can do instead!

It’s official – your company announced a hiring freeze. In the midst of the new normal, some companies have opted to pause their recruitment efforts. Now what? When the chaos is over and it’s time to start recruiting again, how do you make sure you are at the top of your recruiting game?

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Recruiting in the “new normal:” Motivation, Productivity and Culture (Spanish)

Talent Acquisition teams are dealing with a delicate situation. As ramp-ups approach, productivity needs to increase at the same time that budget cuts hinder team growth.

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Refining your Recruitment Workflow to Attract the Best Talent

Are you having problems with the length of your current recruitment process? Do you find several candidates dropping out due to the complexity of your workflow? Then this webinar is for you.

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Get the Most out of Your Career Site

A good career site provides valuable information and makes both the job and company more attractive to your candidates through your. We are here to show you how. The point is to provide the best possible experience to your leads during the time they spend on your site.

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Think Like a Marketer - Strategies for Recruiters

Recruiters and marketing? Absolutely. They have to sell the job and the company to their candidates! Adam Chambers from Applichat and David Lim from Thinkcrumbs, talk shop and give viewers actionable tips they can start implementing right away to elevate communications with their candidates.

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How to Prepare your Team for Post-Quarantine Operations (Spanish)

Expert TA leaders from a variety of industries like air travel and call centers got together to tackle questions like: what will the new reality look like for recruitment? How will new tech affect Human Resources, culture and talent attraction? What do these changes mean for candidates?

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RPA for Recruiting: the Time is Now!

Talkpush was born to automate the boring and repetitive parts of recruitment. Now, we’ve taken automation to another level. AutoFlow is the first Robotic Process Automation feature designed specifically for recruiters and we believe it’ll change the way recruiting is done.

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Remote Work: An Opportunity to be More Productive (Spanish)

In this webinar we go over best practices to manage your time. We review the whole formula, so you can create objectives aligned with company success and give real evidence to support WFH as a great way to increase team productivity

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Writing for Recruiters: Connecting with your Candidates Online

In this session we went over tips on how to write engaging messaging that resonate with your candidates. Learn actionable insights and best practices on crafting content that can help you stand out from the crowd.

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Technology, the True Enabler for a Great Candidate Experience

Our events series goes digital in 2020 with speakers from Talent View, Genpact, Transcom and Jollibee.

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Virtual Interviewing Tips: Build Rapport with your Candidates Online

Best practices to leverage video interviewing to enhance your candidate experience, decrease your time to hire and select the best talent.

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How to Build your Talent Pool from Home

In this webinar Aris Ocampo, Regional Director of Customer Success at Talkpush discussed what that perfect tech stack looks like and how to use it to nurture and build your talent pool remotely.

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Everyone is fighting for the same high caliber individuals and looking for a competitive edge, learn from the experts.


Featured Episodes

January 13, 2021

After 20 Years Hiring at American Eagle - The Current Retail Landscape

Jen Thornton, CEO of Three O Four coaching, formerly Head of International HR at American Eagle, talks about the current retail hiring landscape, how to virtually manage large scale operations, and getting the right mix of people regionally and globally.

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January 6, 2021

How Boston became the “Silicon Valley” of TA Tech - George Laroque from Unleashed

In this episode of the Recruitment Hackers Podcast, George Laroque, SVP of Insights at Unleashed, walks us through his 30 years in the industry and how to spot emerging tech and best recruiting practices by paying close attention to the market.

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December 22, 2020

Remote Hiring: Global Approach with a Regional Flavor - Aarthi Rajasekaran from VDart Inc.

In the latest episode of the Recruitment Hackers Podcast, Max interviews Aarthi Rajasekaran, director of procurement and strategic sourcing at VDart Inc.

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December 16, 2020

Talent Seduction, Using Automation so Humans can Craft Hiring Solutions Driven by Data - Jim D’Amico, Celanese

As automation elevates recruitment to increase efficiency, human roles in talent acquisition are more important than ever, becoming completely value driven, and ultimately responsible for hiring top performers that drive the bottom line.

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December 9, 2020

Building a Legacy, Executive Development and Talent Management - Mary Meston from Concentrix

In this episode of the Recruitment Hackers Podcast, Mary Meston, VP of talent management at Concentrix, talks about how to manage executive leaders and help them leave a legacy behind

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December 3, 2020

A 35 People Global Content Team with a Local Flavor - Recruiting at Experian

Chris Brady and Lena Lotsey from Experian talk about how important telling a strong narrative online is to the candidate experience.

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November 25, 2020

Employee-First Messaging, Culture and Safety - Susan Hanold VP, HR Strategic Advisory Services at ADP

ADP does a lot more than payroll. Dr. Susan Hanold, VP, HR Strategic Advisory Services at ADP shares lots of great tips, notably, how do we adjust our messaging in 2020 and next year around the employee culture? And how does it take care of safety and employees first?

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November 18, 2020

This Candidate Built her Own Bot to Screen The Right Offers

Who said chatbots are only reserved for recruiters? In this episode of the Recruitment Hackers Podcast, Max interviews someone from the other side of the table — Rosie Maharjan, a job seeker who decided to take matters into her own hands and to create a conversational interface that would validate if there was a good culture fit between her and her future employer.

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November 11, 2020

Geeking out with the competition - Recruiter Chatbots with Dave Mekelburg from Wade and Wendy”

In this episode of the Recruitment Hackers Podcast, Max interviews Chief of Staff/Head of People, Dave Mekelburg from Wade and Wendy. In a refreshing conversation these two “competing companies” talk shop about recruiter chatbots, the importance of conversational design, and the innovations in candidate experience that have paved the way for humans to warm up to the bots.

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November 4, 2020

Hiring in STEM: Talent with Potential - PaR Systems’ Head of TA, Zac Engler

In this episode of the Recruitment Hackers Podcast, Zac Engler, Head of Talent Acquisition at PaR systems, walks us through the hiring process for technical engineering fields. He talks about diversity, opportunity, and the importance of mentorship — and making the right junior hires for the future.

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October 27, 2020

Automation and AI to Improve Candidate Experience for Executive Hiring - Trent Cotton, Director or TA, BBVA

In Trent Cotton’s, Director of Talent Acquisition at BBVA, ideal world, his 28 person Talent Acquisition team would come into the office with 8 qualified candidates booked and ready to be interviewed — sourced, engaged, and scheduled by an AI assistant. He’s not looking at time to fill, rather how many priority roles his team is able to close within the sprint —

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October 20, 2020

Getting Ready for the Big Recruitment Rebound in the RPO Industry - Craig Sweeney, Senior VP of Global Strategic Solutions at WilsonHCG

Craig Sweeney from WilsonHCG, a talent consultant firm largely built around RPO solutions, talks about the evolution of recruitment in the RPO industry. Daily challenges, the processes and tech to overcome them, as well as how they’re getting ready for the big rebound in recruitment.

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Infographic: What Makes a Recruiting Tool Effective? (Spanish)


Infographic: What Makes a Recruiting Tool Effective?


Whitepaper: Leveraging WhatsApp for Business with a Chatbot


E-Book: Changes in Recruitment Processes in the BPO Sector as a Concesecuence of Covid-10 (Spanish)


Template: Candidate Personas


Template: Interview Structure and Questions (Spanish)


Whitepaper: 7 Tips to Meet your Hiring Quotas Remotely


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