Discover how Pequeño Mundo digitalized its recruitment process with Talkpush

Pequeño Mundo, a renowned retail chain in Costa Rica, has been a major employer for over 30 years, handling 2,000 to 2,500 hires annually. Initially, they managed recruitment through Excel spreadsheets and extensive email communications, processing hundreds of thousands of applications. This traditional method, though once effective, led to an overwhelming application flow and a suboptimal candidate experience

Seeking improvement, Pequeño Mundo partnered with Talkpush, a leader in digitalizing and automating talent acquisition. This collaboration aims to streamline the hiring process, previously bogged down by manual evaluations and time-consuming phone screenings. By adopting Talkpush's innovative solutions, Pequeño Mundo is set to enhance recruitment efficiency and candidate experience, reinforcing its position as a key employer in the region.


Pequeño Mundo found in Talkpush an ally to digitalize their recruitment processes. The Talkpush team helped connect their job website with different sources so that candidates could start their application process immediately. It also allowed Pequeño Mundo to process applicants through WhatsApp, further accelerating the process. Thanks to this new technology, Pequeño Mundo received instant responses, improved candidate experience, and increased conversions. In less than 3 months, they successfully processed more than 90,000 applications.

Step by Step!

Pequeño Mundo experienced a significant increase in the productivity of its recruitment team thanks to automation. This has been a fundamental tool for Pequeño Mundo, allowing them to considerably reduce hiring time by eliminating manual tasks and repetitive processes. This was achieved by exchanging 450,000 messages in less than 5 months, of which 95% were sent automatically by the platform. This led to a significant reduction in the hours required to process applicants and move them to the next stage, improving the company's replacement time indicator. The National Attraction Manager, Tatiana Solis, the Head of Recruitment, expects this number to improve in the coming months, demonstrating the high level of efficiency achieved through process automation

Candidate Experience!

Delivering an incredible experience to hundreds of thousands of people is a challenge, but with automation, everything is possible. Using Talkpush, Pequeño Mundo now has the ability to notify candidates if they are rejected, inform them about the status of their application, and answer any questions about the company or employment in real-time.

Key benefits include intangible value to Pequeño Mundo's employer brand, higher conversion rates in terms of applicants and hires, and an intrinsic improvement in the quality of the process.

Pequeño Mundo implemented digitalization in its stores. Now, anyone looking for a job can start their application process immediately by scanning a QR code. This was achieved thanks to the QR code that enables the start of the application process.

Efficiency of the Team Doubled

Tatiana Solis, the Head of Recruitment, highlighted the collaboration systems within Talkpush as a significant added value. Previously, each recruiter worked individually. However, now that all information is in one place and everyone has access to it, collaboration among the team has substantially increased, improving the efficiency of the company.

The Numbers Tell the Story!

Documents Collected Automatically Monthly




WhatsApp Messages
sent Monthly


Applications Successfully Completed Monthly

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